White Dauntless patrol vehicle parked on the side of a road with a sunset in the background.


Dauntless Security Group provides Professional Protection Detail Service. We offer individualized and in-depth security services that are custom built for your needs. No matter the situation, Dauntless Security Group is professionally trained to meet any threat head on. 

Dauntless Security Group also offers an advance team that can assess and possibly neutralize a threat before it becomes a problem. It all starts with an interview of your needs followed by a threat investigation and assessment. Once this is done, Dauntless Security Group will provide an advance team and implement the private, secure detail service all while providing you updates throughout the process. 

Dauntless Security Group is ready to provide 24-hour protection for clients that are in and out of the public eye. Dauntless Security Group provides trained agents with police backgrounds who understand what it takes to protect VIPs and business people. 

Professional & Discreet

Dauntless Security Group prides themselves with only the highest standard of personal conduct. All agents are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement to ensure that the highest standard of privacy is achieved for our clients. To that end, all agents are trained to make certain that your protection does not interfere with your life or business. 

Contact us today for a free quote and benefit from a service that will lower your risk to crime with professional security officers.

Dauntless body guard talking through an earpiece to his team